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Route construction class

@package PHP-Wax
@author Ross Riley

This class allows urls to be mapped specifically to controllers actions and variables It also requires access to the config object to check configurations.

class WaxUrl {
  const REGEX_SEG = "(?P<$1>[^/.,;?]+)";
  const REGEX_CATCHALL = "(?P<$1>[^.,;?]+)";
 const REGEX_URL  = '[A-Za-z0-9-_]';

This is simply a stackable array of mappings - new mappings are added to the top of the stack The lookup keeps going till it gets a match, falling back on the two defaults where necessary.

@var array

  static public $mappings = array(
  static public $defaults = array("controller"=>"page", "action"=>"index");
  static public $params = false;
  static public $mapped=false;
  static public $uri = false;
  static public $original_route = false;

This method Can be called from anywhere in the application. Maps a url to a particular outcome.

URL Mapping Examples

A default if no outcome is specified the variables after the colon are named with the values

WaxUrl::map(":controller/:action/:id", array("controller"=>"blog"))
A catch-all controller anything that can't find a controller will be mapped to the blog controller.

WaxUrl:map("", array("controller"=>"page"))
Maps an empty url to a default controller - default action will be index but this can also be overwritten

WaxUrl::map("tags/:tags*", array("controller"=>"tags", "action"=>"show")) Looks for trigger pattern and then returns an array of the named parameter

@return void

  static public function map($pattern, $outcome=array(), $conditions=array()) {
    array_unshift(self::$mappings, array($pattern, $outcome, $conditions));
Compiles syntax in defined routes to simple regular expressions.
  static public function compile() {


    if(!self::$uri) self::$uri = $_GET["route"];
    if(!self::$original_route) self::$original_route = $_GET["route"];

Get the raw URI and try to map a controller

    self::$params["controller"] = self::route_controller(self::$uri);
    self::$uri = ltrim(preg_replace("/".str_replace("/","\/",self::$params["controller"])."/","", self::$uri,1),"/");

This part converts placeholders to normal regular expressions

    foreach(self::$mappings as &$map) {
      $map[0] = preg_replace("/:(".self::REGEX_URL."*)\*/", self::REGEX_CATCHALL,$map[0]);
      $map[0] = preg_replace("/:(".self::REGEX_URL."*)/", self::REGEX_SEG,$map[0]);

before mappings get the format

    if(!self::$params["format"] && preg_match("/(.*)\.(.*)/", self::$uri, $matches)){
      self::$params["format"] = $matches[2];

This part matches the url against the regular expressions

    foreach(self::$mappings as &$map) {

This line makes sure that the controller has been stripped from the uri

      $map[0] = ltrim(str_replace(self::$params["controller"],"", $map[0]),"/");
      if(preg_match("#$map[0]#", self::$uri, $matches)) {
        if($map[1]["controller"]) self::$params["controller"]=$map[1]["controller"];

We make the final params by merging the defaults with the matches

        self::$params = array_merge($_GET, (array)self::$params, (array)$matches, (array)$map[1]);
        return self::$mapped = true;

Builds a url based on the current route. Takes an optional array of options to override the current.

@return string

  static public function build($options = array()) {
    $url = array();
    if($options["controller"]) $url[]=$options["controller"]; else $url[]=rtrim(self::$params["controller"],"/");
    if($options["action"]) $url[]=$options["action"]; elseif(self::$params["action"]) $url[]=self::$params["action"];
    if($options["id"]) $url[]=$options["id"]; elseif(self::$params["id"]) $url[]=self::$params["id"];
    return "/".join("/",$url);
  static public function build_url($options = array()) {return self::build($options);}

Loops through the defined lookup patterns until one matches Any url variables that are explicitly set are ignored, this only works on the url portion

@return void

  static public function perform_mappings() {

get function

@return mixed

  static public function get($val) {
    if(!self::$mapped) self::compile();
    if($val !=="controller" && strpos(self::$params[$val], "/")) return explode("/",self::$params[$val]);
    return self::$params[$val];
  static public function get_params() {
    if(!self::$mapped) self::compile();
    return self::$params;

Checks whether a file exists for the named controller @return boolean If file exists true

 public static function route_controller($input = false) {
   if(!$input) $route = explode("/", self::$params["route"]);
   else $route = explode("/", $input);
   $controller = false;
   while(count($route) >0) {
     if(self::is_controller(join("/",$route))) {$controller = join("/",$route); break;}
     if(!$controller) array_pop($route);
   if($controller && !$input) {
     self::$params["route"]=preg_replace("/" . preg_quote($controller, "/") . "/", "", self::$params["route"], 1);
     self::$params["route"]=ltrim(self::$params["route"], "/");
   } elseif($controller && $input) return $controller;
    return false;
 protected static function is_controller($test) {
   if(class_exists(Inflections::slashcamelize($test, true)."Controller", false)) return true;
   $path = "";
   if(strpos($test, "/")) {
   $path = substr($test, 0, strpos($test, "/")+1);
  foreach(Autoloader::controller_paths() as $cont) {
    $search = $cont.$path.Inflections::slashcamelize($test, true)."Controller.php";
    if(is_file($search)) return true;
  return false;
  protected static function force_defaults() {
    if(!self::$params["controller"]) self::$params["controller"]=self::$defaults["controller"];
    if(!self::$params["action"]) self::$params["action"]=self::$defaults["action"];
  protected function detect_maintenance() {
   $maintenance = Config::get("maintenance"); 
  $redirect = false;

maintenace is setup

  if($maintenance['ip'] && $maintenance['redirect']){
   $redirect = true;

if an exlucsion ip is set the check the remote address - reset the flag

    foreach($maintenance['ip'] as $ip){
     if( preg_match("/".preg_quote($ip)."/i", $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) ) $redirect = false;
   }elseif(preg_match("/".preg_quote($maintenance['ip'])."/i", $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) ) $redirect = false;   
  if($redirect) throw new MaintenanceException();